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The School Food Project have helped us to completely transform our canteen menu. Moving away from a heat-and-serve canteen to one that makes nutritious healthy lunch and snack options, students, staff and parents have provided an all-round positive response to the changes that have been made. The SPF team worked tirelessly to support our canteen managers and canteen committee redesign the menu to allow for freshly cooked meals and snacks, as well as helped us in the redesign of the kitchen space to allow the meals to be cooked efficiently. The team also helped to promote the healthy school canteen idea to our community by attending school events and fundraisers where they would promote the changes and cook free samples, helping us to gain vital volunteer support.

In the initial stages, the School Food Project team also worked with the students to gather their feedback for menu options, offering free tastings. They also ran cooking classes for our Senior classes and provided the teachers with fantastic resources and teaching ideas in order to support the nutrition units which the whole school taught in conjunction with the launch of the new school canteen. SFP also provided needed assistance in setting up our online ordering system. It is amazing now to see students and staff enjoying a large range of nutritious canteen-made meals throughout the week. Walking through classrooms and the playground at lunch time with the waft of freshly made chicken teriyaki or the crunch of the ever popular Ramsgate Beach Box is a delight to see, with many visitors frequently commenting on the excellent variety of nutritious options available for purchase. Without the SFP team, it would have been a much longer road to travel to get our canteen to where it is today

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