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Food has the capacity to either support our children’s overall health, physical growth, learning and memory capacity, behaviour and academic performance
OR to hinder it

Professor Felice Jacka, Director, Food and Mood Centre, Deakin University

Sustainability and viability

Based on the results of our pilot schools, The School Food Project has proven to be a viable and sustainable fresh food canteen service initiative, evidenced by:

  • Profitability: The school canteens are reporting profits. Delivery of wholesome delicious foods that cost less to produce, providing a better return.
  • Environmentally friendly with the use of sustainable packaging.
  • Sustainable model: Retention of original customer base whilst experiencing growth via the attraction of a new cohort of student and teacher customers. Catering opportunities to access through family take away dinners.
  • Canteen Manager training: Pride and confidence within the canteen team. Volunteers are attracted to the canteen.
  • Engagement of suppliers and resources from the local community, reducing carbon footprint
  • Positive food education with our wholistic program and classroom workshops. “The School Food Project delivers benefit both to the school and the community. The impact this has had on students and their families is that the school is instilling a culture of healthy living practices, including the eating of healthy and nutritious options for lunch and recess.” Ramsgate PS DET Evaluation Report, 2018
  • Minimising food waste through streamlined systems
  • Removal of ultra processed chicken products in all participating school
  • Removal of slushies and confectionary
  • Sustainable Training and Professional development: Canteen staff are trained in professional catering practices to support the production of nutritious lunches.

“It’s easy” Lorraine, Canteen Manager, Daceyville Public School

“We’re proud of our new menu” Canteen Managers Ramsgate Public School

  • “Classroom behaviours have improved since the canteen menu has been improved” Teacher, Daceyville PS
  • Improved take up of healthy foods outside of school. Children are more likely to choose healthy foods outside of school since the canteen introduced the upgraded menu: “The kids are raving about the food. Parents are reporting that kids who previously didn’t want to eat certain things are coming home really happy to eat the food and really excited about it” Kylie (volunteer canteen mum) St Michaels Primary School, Thirroul
  • 80% of students surveyed are more likely to eat healthy foods since the introduction of the new canteen menu. Daceyville PS.
  • Several students participating in the Moss Vale big breakfast program are now cooking nutritious breakfasts for their parents at home.

Fresh and appetising menus that kids love, prepared on site with ease

“I love our new menu” Angelo, year 4 student Daceyville PS

“It’s Easy!”  Lorraine, Canteen Manager Daceyville PS

“It’s a beautiful menu” Mary, Canteen Staff, Blakehurst PS

“70 Tuckerboxes went out today – Wow, just Wow!!!”