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We invest in Canteen Staff

Pilot Project

In 2016 seed funding was secured, and together in partnership with our pilot schools, the opportunity to develop a training model for a cooked from scratch canteen menu came to fruition. We are very humbled by the opportunity the pilot school communities provided The School Food Project. We aspire to support as many schools as possible transitioning to tasty and viable seasonal menus.

How We Work

The foundation of our training, The Fresh Food Canteen Kit, offers
practical tools to make the important task of nourishing children with
tasty, wholesome food easier. Topics include:

  • Recipes: Inspiration from 50 plus seasonal recipes, easy to follow, presented for batch cooking, individually portioned and costed.  Included are snacks, lunches, salads, afternoon tea, birthday celebrations and cooked breakfasts
  • Menus: Seasonal, appetising and achievable
  • Supplier management: Connecting with local fresh food suppliers, sustainable packaging solutions
  • Efficient Kitchen Systems Lunch Ordering processes
  • Community Engagement Program
  • Financial management, record keeping and sales tracking
    In consultation with key school stakeholders, our services are offered in three formats, and can be tailored to meet your school’s needs:
  • Onsite Training.The School Food Project Chef works alongside canteen staff and volunteers to implement fresh food menus, introducing practical systems.
  • Fresh Food Canteen Online Toolkit. The School Food Project’s DIY package for schools. Offering the Fresh Food Canteen Toolkit material including recipes and training videos, accessed through a schools membership portal.  Skype consultations are available in conjunction with your canteen transition process.
  • Regional Training.A hybrid of the onsite and online formats. Information gathering, followed by diagnostics and an implementation program culminating in a face-to-face training day in your canteen, presented in two sections:
“A Day in the Life of a Canteen”:  streamlined and sustainable routines.  This is the “how” of preparing a tasty, fresh, nutritious canteen menu made from scratch.
“Cooking up a Storm”:  Delicious and popular recipes, portioned, costed, nutritionally approved and tested in our pilot schools.  Samples can be offered to the community for their feedback.
  1. Cooked breakfast program. A range of recipes which can be offered from the canteen; or within the classroom setting, where children can also learn to cook a simple and nourishing breakfast.

Who We Work With

Our model is adaptable, and work with:

Existing canteens and Start-ups
Outsourced licensees
P and C operated canteens
School operated canteens
Volunteer operated canteens

If you would like to find out how the School Food Project can assist your school canteen,
please fill in the School Enquiry form here (hyperlink?)
or email us at
We would love to hear from you.


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