The brief for the SFP team was to support the motivated canteen manager in kitchen efficiencies, and to empower the community to remove the number one seller, processed chicken.

P and C Canteen Committee Co-ordinator

“The school went ‘cold turkey’, and completely wiped out food that coordinator Taj Shipway said, was simply not needed.  

“We used to have things like hash browns, frozen meat patties, and lots of processed food. We decided that we would make our own (chicken) bites with a beautiful tangy crumb recipe, and we freeze it in big batches.”

Green smoothies have been a hit, and are one of the items born from the School Food Project organisation, that the school was a pilot for…They helped us, trained our staff, and brought in an incursion – where kids make the smoothies and interact with the food,” Mrs Shipway said.”  The Leader, St George Shire 28.03.19


Taj Shipway
Blakehurst PS


“Blakehurst Public School has been working in collaboration with the School Food Projectfor the past 12 months. During this time, our canteen menu has transitioned to ensure that our students are accessing tasty, healthy food options on a daily basis.

The School Food Projectprovided direct and ongoing support to the canteen manager and staff to ensure that they were able to confidently undertake the menu transitions and have continued to engage regularly with the canteen committee since the launch of the new menu, to ensure that the changes remain sustainable. We found the School Food Project staff to be friendly, professional and flexible in their approach.

Our students and families have provided very positive feedback on the canteen changes and we thank the School Food Projectfor their role in implementing these positive changes.


Cameron Smyth-Gapps
Blakehurst Public School

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