Daceyville PS was the first of our pilot schools, with the menu launch taking place in October 2017. The canteen continues to produce a delicious and nutritious viable menu, and incorporates a school veggie garden into the canteen.  The canteen is operated by the school – we worked closely with the Principal, the P&C, school administration staff and, of course, the Canteen Manager, Lorraine.

Classroom cooking workshops and a PBL for the Stage 3 Students were conducted.  As a result “the students have embraced the new menu” stated Lorraine. The SFP continues to work with the Daceyville community, offering training on seasonal recipe changes.  We are proud of the ongoing sustainability of the project, years down the track.


The School Food Project has completely transformed our canteen from selling warmed food to a canteen that sells fresh, home-made produce. As a principal, for me to walk around the playground and see the children who had previously no fruit or vegetables tell me they ENJOY eating vegetables and rainbow fruit kebabs, whole meal bread, fresh salads on rolls – it completely warms my hearts. It’s something we couldn’t have done without the SFP.

We didn’t have the capacity to come up with the recipes, to find out the nutritional value or to source these products. Without SFP I wouldn’t have been able to change our canteen. But now the canteen is something the community has ownership over and it’s something our children are really proud of. And it’s feeding into all sorts of other programs in the Schoo

Michelle Hostrup
Daceyville Public School

Canteen Manager

I’ve been a canteen manager here for over 10 years. We used to sell frozen foods, chips toasties, flavoured milk. Now we have the new menu everything is made on the premises which is fabulous. It’s going very very well and I’ve had parents come up and actually say how wonderful it’s going. And they’re really quite surprised. The kids have embraced it

Daceyville Public School

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