This canteen was a complete heat and re-serve operation managed by P & F volunteers only, opening 3 days per week.  Two nutritional & SFP champions were in placed at the School and a dedicated Committee bought about swift menu transformation and nutritional change.   

Committee Volunteer

The kids are raving about the food. Parents are reporting that kids who previously didn’t want to eat certain things are coming home really happy to eat the food and really excited about it.

St Michael’s Primary School

Volunteer President

The School Food Project is fantastic. The support from the team is unbelievable.  It’s all balanced, right down to how to set up our online ordering. The kids are absolutely loving it.

St Michael’s Primary School


We are very fortunate to have The School Food Project here at St Michaels.  It’s really been a breath of fresh air for our community.  They transformed our canteen from the usual frozen pies, chips and ice blocks so all our meals are homemade.  It’s great to have food that has good nutritional value for our students

Belinda Hughes
St Michael’s Thirroul

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