Revolutionising the way canteens feed children

What are the benefits of fresh nutritious school lunches? “Children who eat healthy lunches perform better at school and are less likely to take days off”

Australian Bureau of Statistics Health Survey Report 2011.

Australian social patterns and the way we feed children is changing. Gone are the days when canteens offering fingerbuns and pies were a welcomed treat for children raised on home cooked meals.  School canteens are the largest take-away food outlet for Australians. (ABC “Food for Thought” Episode 1)

Women in full-time or part-time employment have increased from 40% in 1970 to 68% in 2011, according to ABS/Australian Government Institute of Family Studies 2011. This has necessitated an increased reliance of outsourced meals for many families, withAustralians spending more on convenience foods every year.

We are aware of the state of our children’s health, the alarming rise in obesity, juvenile onset type 2 diabetes, allergies and mental health concerns.  The school canteen is poised to lead the solution toward improving childhood health through appetising real food menus and education.  With chefs leading the skills and professional development training, they enable canteen managers cook with confidence, to raise the nutritional quality of recipes, to connect them to fresh and varied food, and enable positive food habits in children.

Who We Work With

Our model is adaptable, and work with:

Existing canteens and Start-ups
Outsourced licensees
P and C operated canteens
School operated canteens
Volunteer operated canteens

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